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Plastic granulator common faults and solutions

In the practical application of plastic pelletizer, there are often several abnormal phenomena, which will affect the orderly conduct of work. This paper gives some self-help troubleshooting methods for the frequent faults of plastic pelletizer, which greatly reduces the processing time of some faults, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of plastic pelletizer, and also gives some guidance and reference to the operators of plastic pelletizer.

Start the main motor, the main motor does not move or stop instantaneously


1. The power supply of the main motor is not connected

2. Insufficient heating time or a heater does not work, resulting in excessive torque and motor overload

Treatment method:

1. Check the power cables to the main motor

2. Check the temperature display of each section and find relevant records to confirm the preheating time

3. Check whether the heater is damaged or improperly connected

The power supply of main motor of extruder fluctuates greatly


1. A certain heater does not work, and the torque is unstable

2. The bearing of the main motor is not well lubricated or damaged, and the vibration is large

Treatment method:

1. Check whether the heater in each section is damaged. If so, replace it. Check whether the wiring of each heater is correct or firm

2. Check the motor bearing, add lubricating oil or replace the bearing

The extruded material is unstable

Reasons: 1. "Bridging" of raw material feeding port

2. The speed of the main motor is uneven and fluctuates

3. The heating and cooling system is not well matched or the error of the thermocouple is too large

Treatment method:

1. Clear the bridge of hopper discharging port

2. Check the main motor and control system

3. Adjust the heating power, check the contact and installation of the thermocouple, whether the thermocouple is damaged, and replace the thermocouple if necessary

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