• Plastic granulator equipment poor stripping will cause stress deformation

    Plastic granulator equipment in the manufacturing link of the whole process, will encounter a variety of common failures, such as: deformation, understand what is caused by this?
    Due to the adverse influence of forming standards caused by residual stress, according to reduce the injection pressure, improve the mold temperature, so that the mold temperature to achieve symmetry, improve the temperature of epoxy resin, use the quenching method to remove the internal stress. Incorrect cooling method is also easy to cause uneven cooling, cooling time is not enough, can adjust the cooling method, increase the cooling time and other methods, as far as possible in the place close to the deformation of the cooling control loop. In view of the deformation problem caused by the forming folding, we must adjust the mold design scheme, pay attention to the product wall thickness is consistent, in the case of forced, according to the accurate measurement of the deformation of the product, and

  • How to choose cutting machine when producing pipe in extruder production line

    The extruder production line can continuously produce plastic pipe. Because the pipe production is continuous, and the pipe has a fixed length stipulated by the standard, in order to ensure the standard length of the pipe, we need to use the auxiliary equipment such as cutting machine to cut the pipe in accordance with the required length. Different specifications of pipes will use different cutting machines, so how should we choose cutting machines? The cutting methods of pipes can be divided into two kinds: manual cutting and automatic cutting. When the diameter of the pipe is small (within 50mm pipe diameter), many manufacturers will use saws to cut by hand in many cases. But now in order to improve the production efficiency and ensure the length accuracy of the plastic pipe, the extruder production line is also equipped with automatic cutting machine. A cutting tool used in an extruder

  • PVC threading pipe production line flow

    (1) Raw material mixing: PVC stabilizer, plasticizer, antioxidant and other auxiliary materials are added into the high-speed mixer successively according to the proportion and process, and the material is heated to the set process temperature through the material and mechanical self-friction, and then the material is reduced to 40-50 degrees by cold mixing machine; This allows it to be added to the hopper of the extruder. (2) Extruder part: The machine is equipped with quantitative feeding device, so that the amount of extrusion and feeding can match, to ensure the stable extrusion of products. Due to the characteristics of the conical screw, the feeding section has a large diameter, the heat transfer area and shear speed of the material is relatively large, conducive to the plasticization of the material, the metering section screw diameter is small, reduce the heat transfer area and the shear speed of the melt, so that the melt can be extruded at a lower temperature. When the screw

  • Plastic granulator cutting mode

    The characteristics of plastics determine the processing equipment, and the cutting of plastic granulator is also a very important link. According to the different working mode and function of the granulator, it can be divided into two parts: eager and cooling, and eager can be divided into dry cutting, water ring cutting and underwater cutting. The selection of the structural mode of the granulator is inseparable from the color of plastic particles. It is very important to know the reasonable configuration of the type of plastic granulator. 1. Plastic granulator dry cutting process: dry cutting production that is, plastic granulator extruded strip material immediately after the rotating blade cut the length of uniform granular, and then the fan through the pipeline to send the grain to cooling, screening device. This method is suitable for the mixed cutting of polyvinyl gas. 2 plastic pelleting machine water ring cutting process: water ring granulation production that plastic pelletin

  • Plastic granulator common faults and solutions

    In the practical application of plastic pelletizer, there are often several abnormal phenomena, which will affect the orderly conduct of work. This paper gives some self-help troubleshooting methods for the frequent faults of plastic pelletizer, which greatly reduces the processing time of some faults, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of plastic pelletizer, and also gives some guidance and reference to the operators of plastic pelletizer. Start the main motor, the main motor does not move or instant stop causes: 1. The main motor power is not connected 2. Insufficient heating time or a heater does not work, resulting in excessive torque, so that the motor overload treatment method: 1. Check the power wiring of the main motor 2. Check the temperature display of each section and find relevant records to confirm the preheating and heating time 3. Check whether the heater is damaged or poorly connected to the main motor power of the extruder

  • Thickness and advantages of pvc drain pipe

    1. The thickness standards of pvc drainage pipes with different nominal inner diameters are different. The wall thickness of drainage pipes with nominal inner diameters of 90 is 3.0mm-3.5mm. 2. The wall thickness of the drainage pipe with nominal inner diameter of 110 is 3.2mm - 3.8mm. 3. The wall thickness of the drainage pipe with nominal inner diameter of 125 is 3.2mm - 3.8mm. 4. The wall thickness of the drainage pipe with a nominal inner diameter of 160 is 4.0-4.6 mm. 5. The wall thickness of the drainage pipe with a nominal inner diameter of 200 is 4.9mm - 5.6mm. 6. The wall thickness of the drainage pipe with nominal inner diameter of 250 is 6.2mm - 7.0mm. 7. The wall thickness of drainage pipe with nominal inner diameter of 315 is 7.8mm-8.6mm. 1. The surface hardness and tensile strength of pvc drainage pipe are excellent, so we say that its pipeline safety is very high. 2. The anti-aging property of pvc drainage pipe is also


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