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Plastic granulator cutting mode

The characteristics of plastics determine the processing equipment, and the cutting of plastic granulator is also a very important link. According to the different working mode and function of the granulator, it can be divided into two parts: eager and cooling, and eager can be divided into dry cutting, water ring cutting and underwater cutting. The selection of the structural mode of the granulator is inseparable from the color of plastic particles. It is very important to know the reasonable configuration of the type of plastic granulator.

1. Plastic granulator dry cutting process: dry cutting production that is, plastic granulator extruded strip material immediately after the rotating blade cut the length of uniform granular, and then the fan through the pipeline to send the grain to cooling, screening device. This method is suitable for the mixed cutting of polyvinyl gas.

2 plastic granulator water ring cutting process: water ring granulation production that is, the strip material extruding from the plastic granulator is immediately granulated by the rotating blade, and thrown to the high-speed rotating water ring attached to the inner wall of the granulator, and then the water takes the grain to the water separator to dehydrate, dry and then sent to the material cooling device to cool down, that is, the finished product. This production method is suitable for mixing and cutting polyolefin materials.

3. Plastic pelletizing machine underwater cutting process, underwater pelletizing production that plastic pelletizing machine extruded strip material immediately into the water to cool down, and then cut into granular material, and then by circulating water to send the granular material to the centrifugal dryer dehydration, drying. This kind of cutting method is more suitable for double screw plastic granulator mixing raw material cutting, used for mass production.

4. Plastic granulator cold cutting process, cold cutting refers to the plastic granulator mixing plasticized material, from the molding mold in front of the barrel into plastic sheet material, first fall into the sink to cool down and then roll, and then use a special granulator to cut grain. This extrusion granulation production method is suitable for raw material mixing and granulation of polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS and polyethylene terephthalate.

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