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How to choose cutting machine when producing pipe in extruder production line

The extruder production line can continuously produce plastic pipe. Because the pipe production is continuous, and the pipe has a fixed length stipulated by the standard, in order to ensure the standard length of the pipe, we need to use the auxiliary equipment such as cutting machine to cut the pipe in accordance with the required length. Different specifications of pipes will use different cutting machines, so how should we choose cutting machines?

The cutting methods of pipes can be divided into two kinds: manual cutting and automatic cutting. When the diameter of the pipe is small (within 50mm pipe diameter), many manufacturers will use saws to cut by hand in many cases. But now in order to improve the production efficiency and ensure the length accuracy of the plastic pipe, the extruder production line is also equipped with automatic cutting machine.

The cutter used in the extruder can be cut with a circular saw blade or with a round grinding wheel. The saw blade or grinding wheel is directly driven by the motor and V-belt to rotate at high speed. When the pipe running forward is squeezed to the required length, the clamping device on the cutting machine will clamp the pipe, and the saw blade will start and cut the pipe. At this time, the whole clamping cutting mechanism slides forward together on the track of the cutting machine along with the extrusion traction thrust of the pipe moving forward. When the pipe is cut, the saw blade stops rotating, the clamping device opens, and the cutting clamping device returns to the original position along the forward track to prepare for the next cutting action.

For some small diameter pipe we will choose the knife lifting cutting machine, this cutting machine is the most simple, the use of low cost, low production requirements of the pipe generally used this type of cutting machine.

Sometimes we will choose non-chip cutting machine, this kind of cutting machine manufacturing process is complex, cutting effect is good. Generally for some pipe production with high production environment requirements, most of them will choose this cutting machine.

When we use plastic extruders to produce large diameter pipes, we will choose a planetary automatic cutting machine, which is formed by a combination of a number of small diameter saw blades, around the cut pipe to form a circle. When the pipe needs to be cut, these small diameter saw blades can both rotate at high speed and revolve around the outer circle of the pipe. With this method, the cutting speed is fast and the cutting end face is flat.

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