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Plastic granulator equipment poor stripping will cause stress deformation

Plastic granulator equipment in the manufacturing link of the whole process, will encounter a variety of common failures, such as: deformation, understand what is caused by this?

Due to the adverse influence of forming standards caused by residual stress, according to reduce the injection pressure, improve the mold temperature, so that the mold temperature to achieve symmetry, improve the temperature of epoxy resin, use the quenching method to remove the internal stress. Incorrect cooling method is also easy to cause uneven cooling, cooling time is not enough, can adjust the cooling method, increase the cooling time and other methods, as far as possible in the place close to the deformation of the cooling control loop. In view of the deformation problem caused by the forming folding, we must adjust the mold design scheme, pay attention to the product wall thickness is consistent, in the case of forced, according to the accurate measurement of the deformation of the product, and then in accordance with the reverse orientation of the mold, then calibrated.

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